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Using the latest European technology, we can custom-build a sliding door system that achieves excellent energy efficiency and meets the daily demands of a modern household – safe, secure, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

Unique features

We design a sliding door with double or triple glazing to best suit your home’s unique needs. Some of the innovative advantages that our doors offer include:

Soft-close mechanism

One turn of the handle is all that is needed to unlock, open and move the sash with perfect ease. The expended energy is stored and used to pull the sash automatically back into the frame after it has been closed (similar to a soft-close drawer).


Secure ventilation

Draught-free, consistent and natural ventilation is achieved by turning the door handle 180 degrees to set down the sash by 6mm parallel to the frame. When set to this position, the door will remain secured by the locking system and the gap is not visible to anyone looking in from the outside.


Easy access

A low profile sil option is available for easy access to prevent accidental tripping, slipping or falling when moving through the door. A good option in households with children or the elderly.

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