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Saving energy is as simple as choosing the right windows.

Window Plus can tailor a smart window and door solution for your new or existing home that will consider the seasonal influence of the sun and wind to reduce energy costs and greenhouse emissions.

How can we help you save?


We’re a flexible one-stop-shop
With over 15 years of German construction experience, we have strong ties with many European manufacturers and this generates a level of flexibility that you simply can’t find locally. We can source products from multiple sources to custom-build a unique solution at a competitive price – and there is no middle man in our supply chain, so we pass on the savings to you.

We are a frontrunner in providing the most advanced technology
Our suppliers are continuously researching and developing to produce quality innovations, many of which are award-winning and not yet available in Australia. This means that our products ultimately work harder to create better energy efficiency for your home. Why settle for anything less?

Our product advantage

Save up to 70% on your energy bills with our Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s) that are filled with argon gas or the more efficient, but slightly more expensive krypton gas to achieve a Uw-value as low as 0.6W/m²K

Innovative seals to eliminate the thermal bridge that occurs on the perimeter of the glass

State-of-the-art fillings and highly engineered thermal breaks that act as a barrier between the outer and inner components of the frame to minimise the transfer of heat and cold through the frame

Advanced low-emission coatings to protect against the sun’s harmful rays

Insulated steel reinforcements for durability made to last

Unique frame profiles that eliminate condensation on the edge of the window or door

Comfort ventilation with the latest parallel action technology without compromising on security

Superior soundproofing that reduces unwanted noise by up to 90% and advanced security systems not found elsewhere in Australia!

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