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WINDOW PLUS is located in Perth and specialises in premium class, made-to-order window and door solutions. Using the latest European innovations in double and triple glazing, we lead the way in providing products that help you achieve optimal energy efficiency, noise control and smart security at an exceptionally competitive price.

What makes Window Plus unique?

We are a one-stop shop, offering a full suite of products especially suited for Perth and Western Australia: windows, doors, blinds and a range of smart security options for new and existing homes. Our customer service extends beyond our own product line too. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing windows with an extra layer of glass or need to fit your doors with new deadlocks, we can maintain or upgrade existing windows or doors.

No sale service means we can help repair or maintain existing windows or doors. Whether you need some chips patched up or considering upgrading existing windows to contain extra glass or need to fit doors with new deadlocks, we offer service that you can count on.

We offer custom solutions. Through our European construction experience we have built strong ties with many European manufacturers and this generates a level of flexibility that you simply can’t find locally. We can source products from multiple sources to custom-build a unique solution at a competitive price – and there is no middle man in our supply chain, so we pass on the savings to you.

We are a frontrunner in providing the most advanced technology. Our suppliers are continuously researching and developing to produce quality innovations, many of which are award-winning and not yet available in Australia. This means that our products ultimately work harder to create better energy efficiency, greater soundproofing and smarter security.

We offer personalised service, so not only are all of our products made-to-order, but you will deal with the same, familiar person from start to finish.

We are a mobile show room so we come to you with our range of extrusions, colour choices and styles to help you make a confident choice.

Choose confidently with our five-ten year warranty on products and three year warranty on workmanship.

If you are serious about window glazing, you’ve come to the right place.

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