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Custom Windows Blinds

Custom Blinds

Our blinds are the perfect complement for new or existing windows. We can source and install all types of blinds, including those that are specially designed for tilt and turn windows using the latest in European design at a competitive price.



Perfect fit, no drilling required

Our blinds are mounted to the window frame or pane to enable natural unobstructed movement with the window at all times. The comfort fit of the blind ensures optimal privacy and darkness.

Child safe

Cords are safely contained within a case out of reach of children.

Easy clean

Simple structure means blinds are easily cleaned with a damp cloth or duster.


Many colours and textures to choose from

With a comfort fit, our blinds allow you to achieve a minimalist streamlined look, or you could choose to make them pop with colour or use interesting fabrics for texture. Whatever you choose, the end result will be a stylish finishing touch to your home.

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