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Did you know:

windows alone can be accountable for the loss of up to 40% of your home’s heating energy, and up to 87% of your home’s heat gain?

A sustainable home strives to achieve an inside glass temperature as close as possible to the desired room air temperature – neither cold in winter nor hot in summer. The standard 3-4mm single glass panes provide no barrier, allowing precious heat and cool to escape or enter which translates fast into wasted dollars through energy bills.

Glass plays such a crucial role in the energy performance and comfort of a home, and performance depends on three criteria: thermal insulation, input of natural light and control of solar gain.

This is where the right choice in double or triple glazing comes into great effect and offers a range of benefits.

Energy efficiency and thermal comfort

The best insulation and energy efficiency is achieved with quality Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s) which are the combination of two or more glazing layers separated by a void that is filled with an inert, low conductivity gas such as argon or krypton. The combination of glass panes and gas acts as barrier, making the transfer of heat by convection, conduction and radiation more difficult. Our glass contains the latest high performance technology – in fact, our triple glazing with coated glass can offer insulation that is seven times better than standard double glazing. Learn more about energy efficiency.


It’s true: most burglars gain entry through a window or a door. Modern double and triple glazing units offer multi-point locking technology that helps keep burglars out, but we are the first in Australia to go even further to deliver motorised, automatic locking technology for entrance doors and Radio-Frequency Identification surveillance for windows, offering unrivalled tamper protection. These innovations complement our advanced deadlocks with high security cylinders containing torpedo-shaped pins that enhance resistance to bumping, picking and drilling and a hardened steel tumbler pin resists core extraction. Learn more about security.

Noise reduction

Noise is a primary cause of sleep disturbance and without enough sleep we can be left feeling irritable, stressed and sluggish. Perhaps you are a shift worker or have a baby or child who wakes up easily to noise, or live near busy traffic. We can restore peace by blocking out noise from vehicles, trains, air craft, chirpy birds, neighbours or that barking dog with special sound absorbing IGU’s and the latest in acoustic film that can reduce noise by up to 52 decibels – that’s a reduction of up to 90%!

Bushfire protection

All new homes and renovations need to be assessed and rated to one of six Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) categories, ranging from low to extreme. Our products are rated BAL-29 using toughened glass, metal hardware and uPVC frames, offering high protection against ember attack, burning debris and radiant heat exposure.

Eliminate condensation

When warm air meets cold glass, condensation forms. This can cause damage to the window frame and encourages the unhealthy growth of mould and mildew. Double or triple glazing prevent this as the glass units contain argon or krypton gas in the gaps between the panes, which keeps the glass at room temperature. Our windows can go one better with a unique parallel opening of 6mm that enables a constant air flow for a healthy home without compromising on security.

Reduce your carbon footprint

In Perth and Western Australia, we endure very hot summer temperatures and remarkably cool winter nights. By making your home more sustainable and energy efficient with double or triple glazing, you will be minimising your heating and cooling energy consumption which in turn reduces your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. Any little bit you can do now is a positive conscious choice towards making a difference to the environment. Check where you sit with the Australian Greenhouse Calculator.

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